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Thread: Back after 15 years!

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    Exclamation Back after 15 years!

    I can't believe my account was still active since 2002, not sure if I should be glad or shocked at this potential security issue.
    Anyways, I don't know anybody here and I don't expect anybody to remember me (I don't even really know who I used to be either). I can tell you this though, I've kept on the path of security ever since those days, learned a lot along the way, and still learning more to this day. I look forward to lurking, reading some interesting posts, and maybe contributing some of my own. Really surprised to see this site still active, glad too.

    A little about me: When I started out here, I was a pimple-faced teenager learning to hack puters in his mom's basement. Now, I'm a legit, ethical hacker/certified network/security professional who now works for a large tech company and I deal with security every single day. Man, how things have changed.

    Haha I still have that dumb signature I came up with back when I was a teenager. Times really have changed.
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    Its better to be an intern for 25 years then turned in.

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