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Thread: Which is free web hosting site?

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    Which is free web hosting site?

    Hello dear tell me any, Which is free web hosting site?

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    Presently Bluehost has given free web hosting offers!

    Other than that HostGator is always offering single penny web hosting facility. Just try it once if you are satisified you can go with paid version.

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    Wordpress free is free.

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    I found this list: https://www.hostingadvice.com/how-to/free-web-hosting/
    They show you 5 nearly free/ very cheap hosts and then 10 that are actually for free. They also give some details like storage, bandwidth, etc. I hope it can give you a helpful overview.

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    There are many free hosting provider available. But if you are having your own domain and want some featured hosting services than you should go for paid hosting.

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    Blogger.com, Wordpress.com, Tumblr.com, Quora.com, blogovin.com, Weebly.com, Medium.com, kinja.com and etc....,

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    Nothing is free. Wordpress.com charges for extras and as a standalone website you cannot market it in seo, nobody on social media will take you seriously either. Weebly lol i make a living moving people content of aweebly website because it doesn't get any traffic either same goes for shopify. We are headed into a era where we are going to oversaturated with crappy free websites build by people who know nothing about building websites.... fair enough page builders may hep you...but whats going to make you stand out? Not your design because your tools are the same as everybody elses, not your marketing because in all likelihood you dont know anything about it, not your seo , because a site built and seod by the same person will almost always have the edge as everything is in order... last of all remember in this world google wnts to give its users good experience ( those are the guys who rank first ) Relevant good user experience unique content ) How on earth will you get that with something like weeeble ? i have never seen a weebly or shopify site rank for anything.... even googles own .business websites dont.

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