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    Building A Home Lab

    Good Morning,

    I am about a year away from graduating with my degree in Cyber Security. I passed the Security + exam a couple of weeks ago and I just received my CISSP books in the mail.

    The classes I have taken so far showed me out to use applications like WireShark, NetWitness Investigator and OpenVAS to diagnose packets, but I am looking to do more.

    I would like to build a home lab that I can utilize to open and close ports, test vulnerability scanners, perform penetration testing, etc. All the education I am receiving is not going to do me any good unless I have some hands-on experience.

    Does anyone have any recommendations as far as software and hardware I should utilize for a basic setup? I plan on using some virtual boxes as well, but I just need some guidance.

    Thank you,

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    For a penetrating i can recommend you to watch at the Kali system.

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    I would look into using virtual box with vagrant. This will allow you define networks of VMs for easy setup and teardown whenever you want to test without fear

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    I love vagrantup; this is a good start for learning.

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