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Thread: Ads in Google Chrome on Windows 8

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    Ads in Google Chrome on Windows 8

    i use google chrome in window 8 and i am facing problem with ads

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    More informations are needed

    Quote Originally Posted by master2050 View Post
    i use google chrome in window 8 and i am facing problem with ads
    Ok, tell us more about those ads? Are they from google or from other websites? Have you scanned your computer for malware, viruses and spyware? Btw. My chrome is clean with adblock.

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    I agree with paul89. He gave you the right advice. Scanning the system is the first thing you should do. Free scanners exist, but you need to be careful so as not to install malware that poses as a real scanner. If malware is not found, you can reset the browser and clear browsing data to erase cookies and clear cache. Open the browser, tap Ctrl+Shift+Delete, and adjust accordingly. Also, you might want to install an ad-blocker once you know your computer is malware-free.

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    Chrome's problem seems like a network problem. So why would graphic card driver affects Chrome browser's performance?

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    Bad/poor/wrong graphic card drivers would affect everything the pc does.

    This thread is OLD. You might want to start a new one.

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    Install the AD block
    It is effective and free of cost

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