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Thread: EVENT - The worlds first non-fiction video game for cyber-security

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    EVENT - The worlds first non-fiction video game for cyber-security

    Hello AntiOnline members,

    We are launching a new startup and would love a your feedback on our incredible new platform called EVENT. The worlds first non-fiction video game for cyber security.

    The biggest problem with cyber-attacks is that most individuals arenít skilled in identifying them let alone possessing the tools needed in defending themselves against them. This is a weakness that would be hackers have and will always count on as they continue their clandestine crimes against us. When one considers that there are millions of zombie pcís in the United States alone (computers that are unknowingly infected and slaved to hackers afar who remotely control them for malicious intent) it becomes a frightening realization that most pcís worldwide are potential backdoors programmed to do immeasurable harm. It is only a matter of time before hackers do something that will have dire even life threatening consequences. They attack and easily breakthrough our firewalls/routers while we continue to live in a false sense of security and like anything that fails to evolve Ė these devices are destined to go extinct along with your continued safety. It is time for a new way of defending ourselves, one that enlists the publicís help while giving the public the means to help, tapping into a basic instinctual nature which lies within us all Ė simple game play.

    EVENT is a profound system and the first of its kind. It is self-learning, adaptable, easy to use and most of all fun. At the heart of its patent pending system is its game interface allowing users to visualize cyber-attacks against their networks as they are occurring in real-time in a 3D virtual gaming environment. To aid in its defense, EVENT incorporates a cutting edge Artificial Intelligence which is uniquely designed to assist and protect its users, both private and corporate, against cyber threats creating a state of the art cyber-defense system. EVENT is designed to be played on all different platforms. - Sonyís PlayStation, Microsoftís XBOX , PCís and Macís alike to name a few ensuring an all-encompassing security blanket.

    Using the tools of the game you can now visualize and easily defend your networks, investigate who and what is attacking you in real time and see whether any device on your network has been compromised and giving you the means to take action. No more sifting through tedious logs or two dimensional graphs that are hard to interpret. Instead immerse yourself in EVENTís incredible 3D virtual environment and explore a new way of cyber defending yourself. No more worrying about giving control to systems that are totally autonomous and out of your control. EVENT is a symbiosis of man and machine. Taking the best of both creating the next generation and quantum leap in cyber security.

    It is an exciting and incredible new concept and since it is ultimately for the public we'd love your invaluable feedback as we're still in development.

    For more information please visit our site - http://phoenixsequence.com

    Thank you.
    Tony Collins
    CEO - Phoenix Sequence
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    Note to Site Staff: Steve and I have OK'd this thread after discussions with the OP

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