Does free Wi-Fi host any risks?
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Thread: Does free Wi-Fi host any risks?

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    Does free Wi-Fi host any risks?

    With free wifi available in public places, people can access social medias and news anywhere. I avail these services regularly. But, I am beginning to think that why would someone provide wifi for free? I also read that businesses give offer free wifi to see our search traffic. Is this real?
    I read in one another blog about the potential risks of free wifi. . It was mentioned in the blog on using vpn service for secured internet. Since, I am a person who regularly surf the internet on free wifi, I would like to know the advantages of using the vpn to secure the internet. Pleease give your opinions on using vpn.

    Thank you.

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    Hello, sir! Maybe you can read this article :
    I hope this article can help you so well

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    Apart of VPN, there are some more methods to increase security in free wifi zones. You may look at this:

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    There's more risk than I think most people realize. I suggest watching this short video to get an idea of the dangers.

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