Problem with continuous AJAX server call:
Right now, I am using a well-known server for one of my clients. I have used ajax server side pagination and was able to place in the search box at the top of datatable, it is using datatable function filter. On typing a string to search in the database, it is returning correctly by making a call to the server. To make the code more precise, if I type 'a' in the search box, it starts showing the entries containing the 'a' letter, before I entered the full character. It is working in a perfect manner for first 50 to 60 calls. Then, I am seeing general status failed error and showing status code 0. And also, the domain will not respond for 150 to 400 seconds. But using a Webservice by using rest client to fetch the data, it is perfectly working, when the domain is not accessible. I wasn't able to find any good solution online, and here is the image:-


Problem with overflow text:
I am sure about the inputting data into the same container does not result in overflow.

PHP Code:
echo '<p class="text"> '$comment .' This is just random text</p>'
$comment is displaying the data using just 1 line. And it is resulting in the overflowing the <p> tag (I am mentioning this tag for reference, it could be any other tag). But, 'Hello everyone, This is Professor Keti' is breaking after the paragraph is ended. $comment data type is a simple string.

HTML Code:
.text {
position: absolute;
left: 20%;
width: 17%;
line-height: 1;
color: #ff00ff;
font-size: 0.73em;
font-family: 'Roboto', times-new-roman;
font-weight: 305;
After checking further, when I checked the page source, I noticed whenever I get output from the database using $comments, I have dug deeper, on checking the page source, if I used $comments to get data using echo (without any tags). Ther is wrapping, which is not showing either on the page or as an entry in the database. Right now, I am trying to access the comments, origin of those wrapped double quotes is unidentifiable. I am sure, they are the main reason behind the issue.

There is nothing special in the query, I am using to get the data:

$gettingdata = "SELECT comments FROM userinformation WHERE currentperson = '$row1handlingdata';
Problem with interactive design for a website:

The the last problem (but not the least). As making the custom pages require real effort, as you have to compensate random data types like infographics/images/videos/real time animations/other interactive media with perfect design fulfilling the needs of mobile as well as other customized platforms. My client is asking for something extremely flexible and should work with all types of combination of those data types. For example, page contain map at the top with menu options, after that there is an image, then article (with customized settings, it is achievable by using simple WordPress editor), then another image, then Ads, then ratings and comments. Right now, I am taking everything in horizontal divs, but the requirement is saying, I have to create an interactive page rather than simple one parent div. If you will visit the page, you can clearly see 'extra white space' on desktop pc.

Any idea how to achieve this???