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    Pls help. I need an software to edit photos quickly

    Sorry if i post this thread in wrong box. i'm really in need for such a software.
    I installed Photoshop on my PC. It's pretty good but i find it too complicated to add some effect on pictures. I'm looking for some software/app that help me edit photo fast and add some cute stickers/effect or draw something lovely directly on image. I'm really in need. I want to make around 100 photo gifts to give to my colleagues for this Christmas (i'm the youngest one in my company so i have to take this duty). I guess i don't have much time to follow so many steps on Photoshop like i often do. Many thanks in advance.

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    Never tried that kind of thing, but http://www.faststone.org/FSViewerDetail.htm
    may be able to do it.
    Switched to Faststone Image Viewer years ago

    GIMP, yes it is free, has a learning curve , a serious one at that.

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    Here is something new for me thnx borh of you i have learnt two new different ideas....

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    I am professional graphic designer and as per my recommendations use KrojamSoft PhotoViewerPro as it has tremendous features along with editing options.

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    Pixlr.com is good cloud based software for photo editing

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