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Thread: how to secure wordpress website

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    Post how to secure wordpress website

    hello friends can anyone tell me how can we secure our website from hackers i want to secure mine own wordpres website named http://www.ieltsfever.com how can i secure this webiste plz help me

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    A good password to start, Using the link and testing until I get a "Massive Cracking Array Scenario:
    (Assuming one hundred trillion guesses per second)"
    of 50 years or better I will use it. After all, I am 74.

    Got curious as I noticed you site was slow to open, so I did a Ctrl+Shift+Q and did the Performance Analysis.
    15 seconds to load which is 12 seconds longer than most folks will wait. Yes most folks only wait 3 seconds and it not loaded they leave, never to come back.
    7 MB of .js for a 8 MB website. OUCH!

    HTML 4 errors of which one is a Fatal Error Bad news

    CSS - Errors (34) Warnings (151)

    Correcting the errors should speed up the website

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    Back up all the data to prevent hackers from deleting your wordpress blog.

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    Is there any ready systems for monitoring wordpress websites for any threats?

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