Best way to promote an apartment rental company?
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Thread: Best way to promote an apartment rental company?

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    Best way to promote an apartment rental company?

    We recently launched a website and I'd like to know your opinion on how to create effective digital marketing strategies for an apartment rental company site like this. It is located in Chile, but targeted to people worldwide. Working adults, families, etc., because we accept daily rentals and long term deals.

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    You can have the best in the world, but if this , if not taken into consideration, will . . .

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    My choices would have to be through social media and blogging! With social media, visuals are everything! Share videos and photos of the rental units on Instagram. This article I came across on EZSiteBuilders also gives an overview on the new "stories" feature on apps like Facebook and Snapchat.

    As for blogging, if your company has its own website with a "blog" section, post relevant blog posts that are relevant to your company and share across your social media platforms. Also utilize SEO practices so your content shows up in search engines.

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    I recommend you to use Video Marketing method. Put an explainer video in your website. Explainer videos can convey the complex messages in easy way. It helps promote your sales.

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    I think you think about work as global civil is good for the good result of the limited budget, think about developing location marketing. I mean to grow up well in one place, that's easier to do. For the estate industry, I think SEO and SEM strategy will help you much on the Internet. Put a lot of money into it or build up the digital team to work for you.

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    I think this question is region specific. I know here in my country for example not ONE of the major rental agencies or reator websites even bother with seo.
    They may do a bit of social media marketing and much more offline advertising than anything else.
    It seems the reason for this is that in this niche most people go to directories for property agens like property24.
    It makes sense because these arent typical website searches in my opinion they are investments and a user realy wants to see what is the best out there and browse through companies.

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