How often have you sat through ineffectively outlined PowerPoint presentations that were exhausting, jumbled and diverting? Probably way too much!
The uplifting news is: You donít have to be an expert designer to design out-of-the-box presentations. For making a corporate presentation in PowerPoint, Keynote, or elsewhere, here are 5 simple design tips thatíll help you make your presentation a stand-out.
Never Use a Built-In Template
Regardless of how sweet and gratifying it looks, or the amount of time they will spare you if you want to awe your audience always use a unique presentation design. Itís not that these templates donít look good or are inadequately composed. But the chances are that people have seen the template before, so you tend to associate yourself with last presentations other than being exceptional. In addition, they also tend to show a lack of effort on your part. You need to put in effort on every part of your presentation, including the style in which itís going to be presented.
These built- in templates should be viewed as a LAST RESORT instead of a GO-TO-METHOD!
Maintain Simple Graphics

Presentations should be secondary to what youíre actually presenting. Applying pictures for purely decorative purpose actually weakens your presentation. Add-on graphics is sometimes very distracting and avoidable.They pose problems if used excessively. Presenters who throw graphics randomly on slides, for no purpose other than filling empty spaces, sidetracking viewers and leaving them with a subconscious sense kinda like, ď FIREĒ over and over when there are no flames. Your presentationís beauty should lie in its clarity, keeping the icons simple line drawings that convey simple messages.
Bank on the Power of Great Photography
Graphics incorporated in your presentation, undoubtedly help communicating data and facts, but Photographs do something else. They can visually evoke the emotions and styles you want to accomplish. One of the best way to make your presentation look awesome. Pictures communicate at levels beyond the descriptive possibilities of words and bathe the brain in much desired visual stimulation. Choosing the right images, and using them in the right ways greatly impacts your effectiveness. They can convey you on an excursion to a better place!
Keep your Body Fonts Basic and Readable
This oneís pretty known to experienced designers, but can be a little tricky for amateurs. Stick to traditional san serif fonts, ( Helvetica, Tahoma, Verdana ), which are easier to read on screen. Other than these safe choices, if you want to be a little experimental and add more typographic personality, try exploring Google Fonts. Try to stick with one text style, or pick two at the most. Fonts have different personalities and emotional impacts, so check the font matches with the tone, reason and substance of your presentation.
Stick to a Basic Color Scheme
Consider your color scheme as the ambient melodies of a motion picture Ė a few instruments played well incongruity to help the story. A well-balanced color scheme has harmony and is internally consistent, yet it doesnít distract you from the information you are presenting.
Lastly, your presentation should look as fresh as your idea. Follow these steps and create your own stand out presentations!