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    5 Predictions for the future of animated marketing videos

    Itís no surprise that animated marketing videos offer one of the best ways to immediately engage website visitors. As a popular tool in digital marketing, video conserves a website visitorís time and effort and allows startups to explain their supreme benefits quickly.
    Are you still under the notion that affordable, top-quality computer-assisted animation is the thing of the future? Well, the future is now, and the following 5 tips are for anyone making their first animated marketing video.
    Whiteboard animation is losing out its popularityÖ fast and how!
    Whiteboard animation is becoming a thing of the past now. At some point in ancient history (somewhere in 2007), a man with a vision discovered the wonders of whiteboard videos. ďItís just drawing in front of a camera!Ē were the magic words. And not only is the technique easy, but the effect is often hypnotic. A well-done video captivates viewers as you take your idea from a blank whiteboard through growth, evolution, and finally a fully formed product ready to invest in.
    But then thatís when the dip came.
    Thereís a problem with innovationsÖ once a trend catches on, everybody starts doing it. In no time, there was a glut of derivative, lazy, knock-off explainer videos crowding out legitimate content. How long can the viewers see the same thing, especially when they are bad?
    Tell us, do you remember the last time you saw a whiteboard animation go viral on a social media platform? Maybe, someday whiteboard animations will rise again. But definitely not today!

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    I saw a whiteboard animation go viral on a social media platform today.

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    I think animated marketing videos will stay for long. The strategies in it may change or improvise, but animated videos are here to stay.

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