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Thread: BitDefender vs Kaspersky?

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    In the Arab world, I think Kaspersky is the first place, but I personally prefer BitDefender

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    If you compare both the top-notch antivirus, might be difficult to choose one, because both perform very well in their area. The only difference is user-friendliness and system performance, if you are comparing kaspersky and bit-defender, definitely bit-defender stand out.

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    if we find the difference between the Kaspersky and Bitdefender then both are best and are having something unique which is amazing but I have used both and I'd like to say about the something most unique software 360 total security and now I;m usig it.

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    If you’re looking for a strong antivirus to match your personal preferences, Bitdefender has the features and the customizability you’re looking for.
    Compare to Kaspersky, Bitdefender leads in the following subjects:
    The comparison made from:

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    Bitdefender also gives you several levels of protection against ransomware attacks, VPN included
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    I have used Kaspersky and I believe it to be a good choice, my opinion was somewhat recently changed by defender.

    In addition, the future of malware protection does not lie in improved detection. It doesn't matter how good your detection engine is, signatures can never detect zero-day attacks and heuristics is a delicate balance between detection and false positives.

    The future of malware protection lies in isolation; sandboxing unknown processes so that they can't get at the real computer. Windows defender now runs in a sandbox making it near impossible for malware targeting Defender itself to infect the real machine.

    Windows Defender also contains some important exploit protection (DEP, ASLR etc.) and some very useful app and browser control features. In short, Defender is an excellent choice for malware protection, and not only is it free but it's built-in to Windows itself.

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