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Thread: Tired of White hat Seo *sigh* what your opinion ?

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    Tired of White hat Seo *sigh* what your opinion ?

    Ive seen white hat techniques being used and it take a little while to rank and get traffic and clients , however black hats storm up the rankings in a week , after maybe 3 weeks they disappear ( i assume google penalised them ) . Then suddenly another black-hat site will be made , its like they have them on standby , thus giving me only short periods of exposure to top ranks and clients.

    I dont know anymore , is it worth it to do things right whats your take on this?

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    The white hat techniques can ensure your success in the online marketing but it is important that you do proper research to find out the most suitable techniques as per your business. You can hire the professional services too from the seo company.

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    If you want an organic and genuine traffic for a long time, you should follow white hat seo techniques. For SEO strategies there is a passion required which very helpful at some time.

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    White hat SEO techniques are the techniques which provide you targetted and genuine traffic from different organic sources. The traffic we get through white hat SEO techniques is stable and we get it for longer time period.

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    Black hat approach is quick but the success is short term. And then the google penalties have devastating effects on your site. This is why white hat seo is the best option to opt in. Although it will take longer to see results but the results will last long.

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