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Thread: Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

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    Digital Marketing Is Promote Our Business Through Digital Platforms And Traditional Marketing Is Promotion Traditionally Like News Papers,Magazines,Radio,TV ETC....

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    Many businesses and individuals struggle with understanding the difference between the traditional techniques of marketing and digital marketing.

    Let me start off by telling you what exactly these two terms mean. Traditional Marketing refers to the advertisements you see in newspapers, magazines and flyers. Even the outdoor hoardings, posters on buses and above bus stands come under the traditional techniques.

    The problem with this is, you cannot measure the results of these. You do not know how many people have seen the ad or how many people are converting into leads.

    Therefore come, Digital Marketing. All the advertisements you see on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc (All the Sponsored ads) Even the ads on YouTube you see come under the online advertising categories.

    Hence, Digital Marketing refers to any kind of advertising done with the help of the internet.

    The major difference is that the results in digital marketing are measurable. You know how many people have seen your ad, how many people are engaging with your brand and you can also choose to target a specific niche of audience.

    There is a thin line between traditional and digital marketing, if understood, can do wonders for your brand.

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    Thank you

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    Digital Marketing is the process of marketing through Mobile, Tablet, and Pc by website, Apps
    Traditional marketing is the process of marketing through Road banners, tv, etc

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    Both have their own audience but you know nowadays people are more relying on the Digital marketing because of the larger audience set.

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