Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing
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Thread: Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

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    Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

    In layman’s terms, Digital Marketing is marketing done on digital platforms like websites, mobile applications, display advertising, and other digital platforms. Digital marketing is closely associated with digital sales, online / internet advertising, SMO (Social Media Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) etc.

    Digital marketing is both similar to and different than, traditional marketing. The similarity between the two is highlighted when organizations attempt to build mutually beneficial relationships with clients, customers and the wider public domain. The only difference is the method or channel of accomplishing the above tasks.

    Traditional marketing uses conventional methods of marketing like newspaper ads, flyers, tele-calling or face-to-face meeting. All of the above require some sort of action being performed like buying the newspaper, picking up fliers, calling or meeting people.

    Traditional methods of marketing have been used for many years and have a high success rate, but they necessitate an expensive, sometimes cumbersome, approach. Comparatively, digital marketing is efficient, cost-effective and convenient, because almost everyone in the world owns some form of the digital device, either smartphones, mobiles or tablets, laptops etc.

    Reaching out to target audiences have never been more opportune or effortless. Digital marketing content can be posted on the go. You can easily post things on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook, without much hassle.

    Digital marketing doesn’t have many negative points. Although, some supporters, of traditional forms of marketing, may make the argument that digital marketing further digitizes an already increasingly digital world. Some have accused digital marketing efforts to have mechanized the process of marketing and diminished personal connect with the consumers.

    Regardless, digital marketing has been proven to be more beneficial in current times, as opposed to conventional marketing campaigns. For one, it is easier to track, measure and record digital marketing campaigns and they produce instant real-time results. Traditional marketing, on the other hand, is time-consuming, both in terms of conceptualizing and execution.

    Every traditional medium of communication has transitioned to a digital format, for e.g., e-magazines, and newspapers, ebooks etc., for the ease of modern-day e-readers. You can even watch TV on your smartphones. Television has been greatly altered to fit your smartphone or tablet screens. Services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have started to cater to ‘smartphone audiences’.

    Traditional marketing still exists, but its role has greatly declined these last few years. Businesses these days, have to leverage the sheer magnitude of digital marketing if they are to compete in the modern day digital sphere.

    It is particularly profitable for business owners to invest in digital marketing initiatives because the ROI (Return On Investment) is greater. They spend less and gain more. It could spell financial ruin for business owners, if they solely depended on traditional marketing, due to it being costlier.

    It will bode well for organizations to strike a balance between their expenditure on both digital and traditional forms of marketing. Both have their own merits and demerits. A well-formulated marketing plan will have utilized positive attributes from both formats, which will result in a more effective marketing campaign.

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    I think digital marketing is batter than traditional marketing because you can spread your business worldwide on social platforms. Traditional marketing is limited that consume much time and money but digital marketing is modern mode of marketing that save our money, time and resulted oriented.

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