I believe that there is a continues going concern on private sectors that are indirectly governed by the public sector. Of recent I have taken an interest and monitor the amount of effort that private business have been taking when it come to data protection and overall cyber security, but notice that this in retrospect is could very well be nullified.

Private business that depend on service provision from a single source like in many countries a single power (electrical supplier) or a single telecoms provides are subject to equal risk to those businesses that are way below the security curve.

Simple example:

A private bank has thousands of customers (and all their personal information), the bank has taken extreme measures to secure this data and employees resources at exceptional large costs for this continuous support. Their geographical location only allows for them to have one sources of electricity supplier most often a state owned entity. If that portion of the electrical grid comes under threat the risk factor is phenomenal.

Have these concerns been mitigated and is there any further case studies with regards to this form of risk