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Thread: Your CPU might be vulnerable!

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    Your CPU might be vulnerable!


    Hey guys, check out this vulnerability advisory that was just released recently.

    "CPU hardware implementations are vulnerable to side-channel attacks referred to as Meltdown and Spectre (also KAISER and KPTI). These attacks are described in detail by Google Project Zero and the Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communications (IAIK) at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz)."

    An attacker is able to execute code with user privileges can achieve various impacts, such as reading otherwise protected kernel memory and bypassing KASLR.

    The only solution is to replace CPU hardware

    The underlying vulnerability is primarily caused by CPU architecture design choices. Fully removing the vulnerability requires replacing vulnerable CPU hardware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pdev View Post
    Fully removing the vulnerability requires replacing vulnerable CPU hardware.
    Not entirely true, then again, the only safe way to use the Internet could be argued to un-plug everything.

    Info for your brain-space to follow:

    The CVE Hit-List:
    CVE-2017-5715 - Branch Target Injection Side-Channel Information Disclosure Vulnerability (aka Spectre)

    CVE-2017-5753 - Bounds Check Bypass Side-Channel Information Disclosure Vulnerability (aka Spectre)

    CVE-2017-5754 - Rogue Data Cache Load Side-Channel Information Disclosure Vulnerability (aka Meltdown)

    MS Info:

    Overall Good Info:

    TLDR: It's a crap ton of work mitigating this but you do not have to replace your CPU, unless that is just like your thing.

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