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    what is seo and how to rank 1st on google ?

    seo is call as search engine optimization in short. the process of optimization digital contents on google is search engine optimization. if your do better seo ,you get lots of traffic on your articles or videos.

    Steps 1 : Know about what is seo
    Steps 2 : Do Properly on page seo and on site seo
    Steps 3 : Share your Every articles on all social networks , gain at least 200 visitors
    Steps 4 : search your keywords on Google with site:yoursite.com "keywords" , if your articles is not on 1st page than copy the first results and check backlinks with moz explorer . Download entire report and make backlinks on entire downloaded lists.
    Steps 4 : Do Properly Off page seo and off site seo , make Do follow back links more than your competitor site
    Steps 5 : wait Untill 25 days to 80 days , search engine take time to rank keywords.

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    This is a very short and misleading on what seo actually is. Take for example waht you are talking about on do follow links , you discredit the traffic the no follow links offer, that no follow links may not pass web page authority but they do tell google about your niche.
    You dont mention user generated content on websites which is a huge ranking signal or user metrics such as bounce rates and session durations all which have effects on ranking.
    200 visitors or 2000 visitors mean nothing what is your conversion ratio?

    There allot more to "SEO" than this.

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    Search Engine Optimization is nothing but make a site visible in the search engine. To rank a site on 1st page of SERP, follow ON page and OFF page activities.
    ON Page:
    Meta tags,
    URL Structure,
    H1 tag,
    Image Alt tag,
    Anchor text optimization,
    Schema tags,
    Footer optimization.
    Content Optimization,
    Image Optimization,
    Page Speed,

    OFF Page:
    Social Bookmarkings,
    Guest Post,
    Blog commenting,
    Image Sharing,
    Quora Answer

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