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Thread: An optimistic cybersecurity sci-fi: how would you write it?

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    Lightbulb An optimistic cybersecurity sci-fi: how would you write it?

    As far as I can see, news about cybersecurity tends to portray defenders on the losing side of the battle compared to attackers. I want to write an optimistic cybersecurity sci-fi where the defenders actually win - a story that can change the conversation from "Let's survive the cyber war" to "Let's win this!".

    Being new to cybersecurity myself, I would love to get your perspective on what would make the story inspiring yet still grounded in reality.

    Here are some questions to get the discussion started:

    1. What would make the biggest difference to cybersecurity right now?
    2. What are some things that need to happen to put a stop to cybercrime/cyberterrorism/cyberwarfare?
    3. What kind of story would it have to be for you to want to see it? What problems would it need to address? What kind of mood/setting/characters/technology comes to mind?
    4. Any existing sci-fis, upcoming security solutions, or solutions to world problems that this story can draw inspiration from?
    5. What do you think of when you hear 'CyberWarriors'? What other cool titles can you think of?
    6. Do you think the story needs to be interactive to have an impact? (e.g. game or choose-your-own-adventure)

    Interested in co-writing the story with me? Just let me know.

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    How do you picture this? Short story? Book? movie? TV?

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    Interesting idea! Did you already start writing and want to share your progress?

    I would draw some inspiration from "The circle" addressing the all connecting software.

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