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Thread: Scams everywhere ?

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    Scams everywhere ?

    Guys whats happening in the tech industry ... i the past few months weve had apple and ubers scandal regarding user data from their smartphones , we had apple slowing down or throttling smartphones on older systems and now facebook has been caught selling the data of 50million of its users to a political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. AND this is just what we know about i have no doubt there is more and no doubt that google and all the other big players are also doing participating in shady deals.

    Should we be wearing tin foil hats and moving to the mountains ?

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    Nothing has changed, trust me. There's no need to panic because this has been happening for decades, it's just that these big companies have slipped up; probably because they have been tooo confident about their wrongdoings
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    I am pretty sure there is even more going on. We just don't know about it. But it's nothing new, is it? Didn't large mobile phone providers sell customers' data in the past as well?

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    I've been doing it for years, our data is never truly safe.

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    Have you ever considered that how google can suggest you exactly what you want to search online even before you complete the full word in search engine. That is because they collect all the data about what we search online or what website we visit to make a digital print or everyone. It may be safe to say that some time they know more about us then we do.

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