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Thread: What are best practices to protect critical systems ?

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    What are best practices to protect critical systems ?

    Appreciate some good practices to protect critical systems in retail sector especially telecom industry, any feedback / inputs appreciated.

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    - Perform a Business Impact Assessment
    - Categorize and risk rate your critical systems and assets
    - Proper network segmentation
    - Strong firewall governance
    - Patch management

    all must-do basics.

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    Network segmentation, Security Layers, Traffic Visibility mechanism to quickly identify abnormal activity/volume and a robust DR policies to bring systems up while mitigating issues may help.
    Identifying what is critical itself would be a big task as for everyone their own system is critical. However, when a dedicated Crisis management system decides depending on the weighted importance of Business Operations, Revenue and Communications a clear picture emerges and SLA, SOPs are put in place for remediation efforts.
    A team that is skilled, trained on latest technologies would help mitigate issues as soon as possible for an effective resolution.

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