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Thread: Major Benefits of Paid Hosting Service ?

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    Major Benefits of Paid Hosting Service ?

    I want to know about the major benefits of taking paid hosting service for the website? And is there any disadvantage of taking free hosting service ?

    Please share your opinions.....

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    Generally speaking, you get what you pay for.

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    Above is correct. Its pretty vast the amount of services that may be lost and also dependant on what you choose but from what ive seen these are generally why paid hosting is the better choice.

    With free hosting you wot get second level domain access.
    You will have with weebly and wix what seems like a wonderful assortment of front end options but arent really that great in comparison to paid.
    In addition with paid hosting if you know what you are doing you can limit code bloat from front end and back end programming.
    The seo of free sites i dont care what anybody says here is none existing, despite their efforts to develop plugins i have never seen a free host website rank well on a serp. So unless you have a very strong social media or other channels for traffic you are going to struggle for traffic.
    Loading times on free hosting will never be what they would be on a piad plan due to limited resources.
    Unstable performance, non existent technical support, catchy hidden fees for features are usually standard features of these plans.

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    Thanks a lot...
    I got the Idea for hosting.....

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