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Thread: How to Secure my website

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    How to Secure my website

    Please advise, I have a website developed on blogger, how I can secure my website from hacking?

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    here is some tips hope It will help you
    1 Never Disclose your Blogger Account Email Address
    2 Strong Password
    3 Step Verification
    4 Avoid giving Admin Rights to others
    5 Never forget to Sign out of your Account

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    Complete responsive website integrated with a sales management solution. A lot depends on what you have running on your site. If it's just a basic HTML web server with static HTML content, you probably don't have much to worry about.

    You can start by looking at what ports are open, and closing any that don't need to be open. Common ports that might be open are FTP, Remote Desktop or ssh, telnet, SMTP, SQL or MySQL etc. You can scan your server using a remote port scanning site.

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