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Thread: The most secure new computer?

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    The most secure new computer?

    Hi everyone

    Hope to get som guidance in this matter. Im about to buy a new laptop computer. I havent decided wheter to buy a PC or an Mac. I simply wonder if you can say that PC or MAC is more secure than the other? (in general).


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    I sure as heck wouldn't purchase a computer based on that...

    The fact that there a LOT fewer Macs means hackers spend less time going after the smaller target.

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    Hi Erik,

    Macs, in general, are more secure, because like Steve said, they are a smaller target. There are a lot more Windows PCs in the world than Macs.

    However, a lot of security today comes from being careful online (not clicking on suspicious things), in addition to running security tools like anti-virus, using good passwords, etc.

    If you're buying a Windows computer, consider buying it from Microsoft directly. They tend to come without the extra software that other vendors (Dell, HP, etc.) pre-install on the computer. With that, there are less services running, and less to worry about to keep secure. A nice side-effect is that Microsoft PCs seem to have less general issues, for example Wi-Fi works really well.

    Good luck. Remember, a computer is a dumb tool, it is up to you to be careful and keep it secure.

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