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Thread: Wordpress as CMS

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    8 Best CMS Options for 2019

    1. WordPress
    2. Joomla!
    3. Drupal
    4. Typo3
    5. Serendipity
    6. Dotclear
    7. ImpressPages
    8. Chamilo

    and off course WordPress is the best one, features of WordPress :

    WP includes intuitive publishing and content management options.
    WP provides a powerful editor that enables you to format your content with ease.
    WP is highly customizable, thanks to thousands of plugins and themes.
    WP has a strong and vibrant community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnshulSharma View Post
    I would like to know if wordpress is the best CMS ?
    Hi Anshul,

    'Best' is a relative word. There are many CMS available, including WordPress. However, it depends upon your skill background and requirement. With WordPress, no coding knowledge is required. It is kind of plug and play.

    Moreover, since WordPress powers about 33% of all websites in the world, it is well supported by its developers and there's an entire galaxy of plugins available that extend the ability of WordPress.

    But if you would like more control over your site in terms of custom design and code then you can explore other CMS like Joomla or Drupal.

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    yes Wordpress New Update is best CMS These are sample on WordPress updated version

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    hey guys, I'm also new here and a newbie in website. Are there other CMS platforms available? thanks in advance for your help

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