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Thread: Blurry text

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    Blurry text

    I'm used to Linux distros but I'm needing to work on a Windows 8.1 machine right now and the text is sometimes very blurry. How do I fix this?

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    What you mean by "sometimes" blurry? Guessing that it is sometimes NOT blurry... Is there a pattern as to when it gets blurry like maybe the computer is over heating?

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    To fix this Blurry Text problem in your OS, then you must follow these below steps

    1. Install the Graphics card Driver for your model.

    note: You can look at the Graphics drivers located under system, administration, you will find your Graphics driver model with command "lspci". If you are unable to find the appropriate driver for your model, then you should use the restricted drivers for your hardware.

    2. For restricted drivers, Go & Search your model and download it.

    3. Once downloaded, Install that driver by going into system, administration.

    note: I am not sure of your Driver installing options.

    4. Reboot the system.

    5. Enjoy.

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