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Thread: My car knowledge is non-existent, help me please! :)

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    Question My car knowledge is non-existent, help me please! :)

    Hey, I'm a Security Consultant at an IT company in London and have been using these forums for a while, thought it was finally time to sign up!

    So here's my issue, it's my husbands birthday soon and he's really into supercars and that sort of thing. I wanted to rent him out a car for the weekend of his birthday because it's a big one (the big 50!), problem is that I know nothing about cars... I have this site where I got my wedding car for hire on and I thought they were really good so I'd like to use them again. If anyone could suggest what one to go for it would be appreciated

    Budget wise I'll take anything on the site.

    Please help me, thank you!!

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