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Thread: Simulator games

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    Steam gaming

    Do you have Steam accounts? Do you often buy games there?
    Tell us which games do you like the most?
    I signed up for Steam service recently. And I want to quickly figure out which games are the most interesting and what to pay attention.
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    Yes, I like Steam gaming and I have an account. I have been using Steam PC for about 3 years.
    To find good games, you must use ratings, read reviews.
    Although not all interesting games fall into the ranking. If you like retrowave, simulator games, I think you will be interested in a game about HoboMan. This homeless real superhero. The game will be available very soon, but now you can see the promo video. The game is made according to the cartoon of the same name.
    Personally for me it is interesting and I'm waiting.
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    Although I have not played this game yet, the description of the game amused me a lot. Cool! I don't recall such games.
    Although I didn't watch a cartoon about a homeless person, I like the essence.

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    I have steam for 9 years and lot of games, but mainly i play same every year, like FM,Counter-Strike, D2 i like those two and i have every FM bought from day i registered on STEAM, also i have some small games but they were just cheap and not so interesting ...
    Recently i have discovered real time multiplayer strategy games, after i registered on several i persist playing only one for two months already

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