Greetings All:

Well, after well over a month and a half of work, the next rendition of AntiOnline is now here!

This site has come a long way since I established it way back in 1993, and I'm excited about what the future still has in store for it. My main goal for the new site, was to help provide individuals with a way to interact and share information with one another. I think that it's safe for me to say, that goal has been achieved.

No doubt there are a million bugs still laying around that need ironed out, so if you find one, please shoot me an e-mail at

The New AntiOnline - Step 1

More than anything, I urge each of you to register!


Oh, did I mention that it's important to register?

Most of the features on that are on the site now, and that I'll be rolling out over the course of the next week, will require you to be a registered member. It's difficult to interact with others if you're a nameless guest lurking around this site. Others will be contributing to help you learn, and you should be contributing to help them learn as well.

If you are one of the 1,200 that registered on our old discussion forum, you will have to re-register to get an AntiOnline site ID. Sorry guys, I did my best to find a good way to import your old account, but there are just way too many differences to make it work. The webpage would have been major funky for you. So, I hope that you'll all understand, and register your new account.

Also, if you are one of our "AntiOnline Mailbox Users", your login and password to your e-mail account will not work as a site login. We are phasing out the .org e-mail accounts. So, register with a new account on the site. Soon, you'll be getting a e-mail account, as will all other users that are registered.

So, before you read any further, take the time to go REGISTER, then come back to read the rest of this rant.

The New AntiOnline - Step 2

If you are reading this, and you haven't registered yet, YOU BETTER! If not, I'm going to start being evil and deny access to most of the features on this site for users that aren't registered. Go back to Step 1.

Ok, hopefully, if you've gotten to this paragraph, you're now a REGISTERED MEMBER of AntiOnline. Congradulations! You get to keep reading without the sense of guilt that the users that haven't REGISTERED are feeling right now.

First off, I STRONGLY suggest you use either IE or Netscape 6+ to visit this site. Yes, I realize those of you that are still trying to hang on to your text-only browsers will be having heart attacks right now, but you'll have to cope. If you're still using Netscape 3.0 or something like that, it's time to upgrade. 80% of our users have one of the two browsers listed above, so maybe that will provide you with enough peer pressure to upgrade. I am not responsible for how slow these pages load in old browsers. They weren't good at processing tables, and I have a LOT of tables!

Now, to the important stuff. The New Features! WhooHOO!

1. All new stories that I write (and I'll be writing them daily, believe it or not), will allow you to post comments after them, ask questions, give your opinion, notify me of my many spellin an grammar errors, etc. You will see these stories on the main site page, and in our discussion forum.

2. All weekly mailbags will also be posted in the discussion forum, but you won't be able to reply to them. It's no fun humiliating people in the mailbag if they have the opportunity to humiliate me back. I get the last word in the mailbag, so you'll have to find other areas of the site to humiliate me in.

3. You now get to post stories too! Read something on another site, hear something strange? Write it up, and submit it to us. You'll see a link on the main page under the "Contribute" box that will let you do it. I moderate these stories, so you may notice a delay of an hour or two before (if) it goes live. Feel free to throw a plug about your website, company, etc. at the bottom. If you take the time to write something up, you deserve a little shameless self promotion.

4. You can now post your companies press releases for all to read. You'll see a link on the main page under the "Contribute" box that will let you do it. This is a great opportunity to let the security community know what your company is up to. We don't charge for this (of course), and we've found that our readers actually like to read them (imagine that).

5. We now have a cool calendar with all of the latest security events on it. You can submit events through the link under the "Contribute" box on the main page. Also, you have the ability to post "private events" that only you will see. Need to keep track of your monthly chess club meetings? This is a great way to do it.

6. Live Security Chat. I'll be hanging out in there pretty often, so if you want to chat, feel free to drop in. Please keep in mind, I am not the amazing Jamaican Cleo woman from the infomercials. Please feel free to ask a question or two, but don't expect the type of attention that she would give you for your $4.99 / minute. I'm mainly in there to visit with other readers, exchange ideas, news tips, and good jokes.

7. Other User Interaction. Through the "Your Account" window that you see when you log in, you'll have the ability to create buddy lists, private message other users, ignore users that aren't worth the bandwidth they take up (which also means you won't be seeing their annoying posts on the discussion boards), etc. So go ahead and talk amongst yourselves. Who knows, you might actually learn something!

8. Security News Groups. Not only can you read all of the important security news groups through our site, but you can also post to them as well! And keep in mind, the "ignore user" features that we offer also work on the news groups! All posts made to any of the usenet groups that we cover will be automatically integrated into the boards, and in turn, any post that you make on the boards will be sent out to usenet.

9. File Archives. They're back up and totally redesigned. Only registered members can download files, but if you're this far down in my rant, I'll assume that you're already registered. Right?

10. Link Archives. Are now totally updated as well. All of the old and outdated links are gone, and we have a system in place to make sure that they never come back. If you want to add your webpage, or the webpage of your company, you can do so via the "Contribute" box on the main page.

This is just a brief rundown of some of the new features that have been added. You should take some time to get to explore and get to know the new site.

There are around 17 other features that are nearly complete, including the free e-mail accounts with both web, pop, and apop access (how cool is that?), the security careers center (I know a lot of you are out of work now), and a ton of other stuff.

I've done my part, now it's time to do yours. I hope that everyone takes the unique opportunities that this site provides to both teach and be taught.

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