JP and crew,
I've been following this site for at least four years or so. I happened across it sometime during my senior year of high school, followed it throught four years of college, and even now at my real job I read it occassionally. I've cited it for presentations on information warfare for the ROTC department at my school, for papers on information and national security, and to friends who were interested in learning some basic security information.
As a result, I've seen the previous few versions of the site and it seemed that when you (JP) weren't making a dime off of any of this, you actually posted things instead of just mirroring articles from other sites. I would impatiently wait each week to read the mailbag first thing on Mondays. It made them pass so quickly. I would read and be entertained by your rants (whether they were off base or not, they're usually funny). Don't get me wrong, I NEVER agreed with eveything you said or say (like the whole democrat thing), but it was always entertaining and interesting to have another viewpoint.
Now, as far as I'm concerned, there's not much on this site to keep me coming back more than once a month or so. The news articles seem to be mostly from the AP wire or mirrored from other sites, which I read cnn, msnbc, wsj, and slashdot everyday anyway. The mailbag is sporadic at best and every three months at worst. The site seems to have been dumbed down. The person who has always been concerned about security and privacy now requires us to register to get the morsels that are of value. And now, on a Tuesday morning, the latest update listed on the main page is from LAST Wednesday, except for the crappy news articles.
JP, I honestly appreciated the site more before you got your nifty offices (And yes, I do think they were nifty from the pictures that you put up quite awhile ago), but the last two versions of the site seem to be going downhill on information, analysis, and commentary. Did you know that Bush didn't choose a Tech Czar until just a few weeks ago? It seems as a democrat, you'd pick up on that and have a field day.

I, for one, want the old Antionline and the old JP back. And for anyone who wants to flame me for this sentiment, get over it.