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Thread: Macs Suck!

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    Originally posted by mcbennet

    A 400MHz G4 will kick ass over a 800MHz Pentium 4.
    Right now my 433mhz is a lot faster than my sisters 600mhz. Why? I spent a lot of time playing with the software, and hardware tweeking for maximum speed. Also I believe that win 98se(which I run) runs faster than windows me(which she runs). Ive seen the new macs but have yet to use them. Im curious, but at the same time I know I wont be able to afford it unless I sell my soul. At the same time I can throw down $500 and upgrade my computer to be much faster than the mac, with more software.
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    OKay listen up..

    Older Macintosh's are OK.. not for the serious geek.. They are designed for the newbies.

    Now the NEW Macintoshes that run OS X.. Thats Freakin Awesome

    A mac running UNIX.. Literally UNIX.. So if you knock the new macs.. You are saying UNIX sucks.. The macintosh's gui can be disabled and boot to the UNIX PROMPT!!!

    You can Compile UNIX programs and run it as an AMAZING UNIX server..

    Lets see here.. buy a very expensive UNIX Sparc System..

    Or get a top of the line mac box for $3000 that is running unix..

    So the new macs are awesome.. They can be for the newbie.. And for the true GEEK...

    MACS are making up for the many years of crap.

    Now The problem I have is with WINDOWS XP.. but thats another forum....

    BTW im a IBM/Compatible type of guy.. not a mac guy.. but the new OS X is completely awesome.
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    Actually, Macintoshes don't need to be for newbies and running a *nix system on Mac isn't new. Yellow Dog Linux, PPCLinux and SUSE are all versions of Linux that run on PowerPC. Heck, if you have older Macs MKLinux (I believe) has a version that runs on the Motorola 68000s.

    I do want to make one point. Putting blinders on and saying "This OS Sucks!" or "That OS Sucks!" isn't the best in this day and age of interoperatibility. Ideally, you should keep your mind open to all the variety out there. Now, granted, I'm not a big fan of MS (that's another story) but I do recognize that I like DOS (simple, straightforward and no pain in the ass probs), I like Win98SE as a desktop OS (runs good on MACHINES DESIGNED for it), and I like/very impressed with Win2K Adv Server.

    I also use (yes, at home I have a small LAN) Novell 5.1, Mac OS 9.1 (2 machines), Yellow Dog Linux and Red Hat 7.1 (soon to be FreeBSD). I have somewhere between 6-8 machines (I can never keep track). Each one has their benefits over the other for the "thing" they were designed for. I know that I can teach or learn any OS that is out there because I have had the flexibility to learn how all these OSes and a few more work (apparently on my resume I know 9 different OSes).

    So before you go and say that this OS sucks or that OS sucks, perhaps you should figure out why you are saying it sucks.
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    Granted Linux is a FORM of unix.. Macs literally run a unix based system.. in other words linux program would not compile on a OSX machine.. But unix programs will...

    so Im not refering to *nix.. im refering to UNIX..

    Sweet huh?
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    Sorry guys.. but I think you all should just shut it.

    This is an age-long argument that has been gone over trillions of times and will never come to any resolution. Mac users preach for the Mac.. PeeCee users preach for the PeeCee.. and the select few of us that realize a good balance of both works great just sit on the side.

    So everyone.. shut the hell up!
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    Another reason to get an Apple Mac, no script kiddies are gonna haxor ur box. You ask a kid to hack into a Mac, they will turn their cheek and look for a windows machine. Much easier target!

    [As a frequent windows user, the Mac OS seems pretty strange to me. But I'm new to Macs, and I'm still learning about Mac OS.]

    Another reason is that many government agencies are using Mac because there's less viruses and trojan horse programs running in the wild.

    Well, then there's Mac OS X which is based in part on unix. If you love linux, wouldn't an OS based on unix be the same??

    Well, that's my two cents on the subject.

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    When I saw Mac's Suck in the main Antionline page I was intrigued. I arrived and before long realised that it was the only time I ever looked in the Mac Forum [this is my virgin Mac forum post].
    Just because Windows is the most used OS in the world dosent mean we should all say 'Whats the point in a Unix forum'. Well like Linux users they are the minority[ not really here, quite a following] like Mac users are.

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    Originally posted by ThePreacher

    Ive seen the new macs but have yet to use them. Im curious, but at the same time I know I wont be able to afford it unless I sell my soul. At the same time I can throw down $500 and upgrade my computer to be much faster than the mac, with more software.

    If you think that you can keep upgrading your PC to be better then a Mac, then I am happy for you.
    I used to try to keep upgrading my PC but it was costing me more in the long term. :

    I don't know about more software. I have "Virtual PC 4.0", with it I can run any PC windows based programs on my Mac. I have "Connectix VGS" which I can play Sony Playstation Games. Plus I can use the range of Mac and Unix programs.

    I would suggest that if you haven't used the new Mac's then you really don't know what you are talking about.
    I have been using PC for more then 10 years and still have to use them at work and with friends. I have owned a Mac G4 for a year and already prefer it to PC. I would recomend before you start preaching about PC, to actually use a new Mac for a period of time so you can talk from experience.

    I too hated Mac a few years ago. However they have changed a lot over the last few years. Their iMac's, G3's and G4's are great! As long as Apple keep working in the right direction I won't go back to PC.

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    You people are nutz i mean Macs really do suck put that in your head they have macs in my school and they are not geek toys first of all you cant do crap with them sure they are fast but if you want to be on your way to the top you save yourself lots of money by getting a PC. First of all the mac o/s is trash i hate the way its set up and its trash macs are trash the name mac is trash the only thing that i like that contains the word "mac" in it is a Big Mac i can get in Mc Donalds so mac computers can go to H311

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    "In Fifty years when the United States becomes a socialist state, who do you think the people will choose? (Your answer here) My answer: Mac of course. PC and Linux are too democratic for them to survive. Let them choose what type of computer and OS I am to have. I am here to serve Mac."

    This is one possible future between PC and Mac. Scary huh? Mac Groupies are just cult members behind the veil of a pretty cool logo. Anybody have any possible futures for the Mac?

    Typed on a Mac, but networked to a PC.

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