Hi everyone. Can anyone explain to me the warning message I am getting from the Tiny Personal Firewall I have installed on my PC?
First of all some background information:

I am running a Win95 machine, with a recently installed cable modem connection. Due to a change in my working conditions I will be spending most of my online time at home. So, the PC that I used only for my private email in a regular dial-up connection has now been upgraded to become my regular online tool along with it's connection.

This is a sample of the warnings I am getting:

- Incoming Connection Alert !

Remote: dns1.rjo.virtua.com.br [], port 67 - UDP

Details: Someone from dns1.rjo.virtua.com.br [], port 67 wants to send UDP datagram to port 68 owned by 'Componente de núcleo Kernel do Windows' on your computer

Details about your application: c:\windows\system\krnl386.exe

The DNS server responsible for this warning is my from my cable connection company. These messages usually appear aproximately 30 minutes after I connect.

I can deny responses three times before their DHCP server kicks me out of my connection explaining that my lease on the IP address has timed out

Can anyone explain to me if this is a normal procedure and if so why is it necessary? And also, why is it that it needs to contact the kernel file of my OS?