Windows and Security ! Nonsense ! Forget all the Security - measures !

Your PC is sending like a Radio - Station ! A little low - end - equipment and you can display the Monitor's content up to 20 or 30 meters away from it..........

It doesn't matter what you try, you will never see through what MS did program and they won't tell you. So do you really think NSA would accept a SECURE OS on Millions of Computers worldwide ?? They need theyr "hints" to watch the Users and they force Companies like MS to coopoerate.

That's why they don't like LINUX, it's a complete open Structure and someone might be able to setup a nearly 99% secure System.

The Problem is not the unsecure Computer, the Problem is the Person who want's to get informations without permission.

Someone said : If there's a lock, there is a Key.

And that's the truth !