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Thread: Windows 2000?

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    I use Windows 2K at home and work. I happen to think it is yhe best OS thus far. I do use Win ME on my wife's machine and don't have any problems. The only advantage she has is the game support for ME. Win 2K is not hot for games but I am not much of a gamer.

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    I'm not overly fond of things from Microsoft but Win2K is a vast improvement over previous "secure" operating systems that they have released. The reality is there is a lot to learn about this OS and the ways they have changed it.

    While still based on the NT concept, it is different. NTFS is version 5, it uses Kerberos v.5 for login rather than NTLM, uses Active Directory rather than the previous flat-hierachial file system, it was designed for Internet Usage, etc. It's biggest flaw, and this seems to be a recurring flaw, is that it has legacy built in and thus gets all the legacy bugs (for the most part. IIS is a giant bug period).

    I think MS has a way to go but kudos to them for getting this far.

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    I think Windows 2000 has very good security. I didn't say it couldn't be improved on, but it sure beats the hell out of the 9x series.
    Yes, Windows 2000 is a very good operating system compared to the 9x series. It's better in almost every way.

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    Win2K is the best operating system that i have used yet
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    Yah i think Win PRO is a really good OS and security is good if CONFIGURED correctly...

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