OH yea, I want to know while I stand on 1 foot. LOL Hey, at least I didn't ask how to hack Hotmail.

Before Negative hits me with the obligatory AO flame, let me explain.

I'm no newbie. I've been building, configuring and programming puters since the '70s. Security is a new game for me. That's all.

And, although the topic was a joke, there is a certain amount of validity to it.

I've been read, read, reading here and some other sites (been a member here for several months) to learn as much as I can but clear info isn't easy to come by.

There is a lot of talk about how insecure Windows is but not a lot of detail as to exactly why. Hogfly had a nice thread challanging people to spell out why Windows sucks but it didn't get the replys I hoped for.

Anyway, I'm not a script kiddie looking for it handed to me on a platter. Just trying to find out what you guys recommend for reading.

More specific. I have a puter on a separate dial-up account. Knowing the IP, this is the box I use to learn. I started out with the simple things like trojans and virii. I could send them to the box and see how a trojan can bypass the virus proggy, etc. (Hey, we all have to start somewhere.)

Then I learned about the NetBEUI exploit and how to prevent others from utilizing this weakness.

Now, I have a fresh, default install of Win98SE. NetBEUI and file sharing are disabled. A scan shows ports 1, 11, 15, 79, 111, 119, 139, 143, 540 and 1524 open.

I have gone to http://advice.networkice.com/Advice/...ts/default.htm and read about the ports and what they mean. I would guess that port 139 is the port I should try first. I have tried to Telnet to it and a few other things with no luck connecting.

Like I said, I'm just looking for a little guidance. Any help is appreciated.

BTW, Negative. My comment about you was not meant as a slap. I find your posts both amusing and informative. I especially like your "click here because I'm to lazy to do a search" links.

I hope someday, I can repay the site by contributing to it's knowledge.

Thanks again,