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  1. No, I won't do that.

    No, I won't do that.
  2. Wordpress logging me out all the time


    So I'm not sure which forum to write this in, so I'll put this in here.

    I'm pretty positive my computer is compromised & no, I just don't have the time or energy to reformat & put...
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    I'm sorry that you didn't understand what I said...

    I'm sorry that you didn't understand what I said & I didn't understand some of what you said.

    I need software, I'm not a programmer.

    I know you can block IPs in your htaccess, but I asked for...
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    Bot Attacks

    So I have a client who is getting bot attacks & needs to know about them right when they start.

    He's using Uptime Robot, but that doesn't tell you & of course, his ISP isn't telling him either.
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