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    Wow...just had a tiff with the wife...and really...

    Wow...just had a tiff with the wife...and really needed the laugh.... Thankx!! I will keep gettin' good chuckles out of this for a while...
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    Three Monks

    A Kong-An very apropos to this post:

    Three monks, who had all taken a vow of silence, were walking along a path. One monk, out of the blue, say's, "I have held my vow for two years as of this...
  3. Heh, heh... I like to keep the bar pretty high...

    Heh, heh... I like to keep the bar pretty high for anyone who wants to see my stuff... That way, If they're good enough to get in, they are probably too intelligent to be a malicious little twit :) ...
  4. Nobody else using LimeWire???

    Personally, I've been pretty happy with LimeWire. It supports resumed downloads, no spyware (that I could detect), searches for all filetypes, or filters the filetype you need to search for, has...
  5. Help with Locking down an NT4/Proxy web server

    Hello, all. I'm looking for input re: vulnerabilities on an NT4/Proxy 2.0 sp1, IIS 3.0 box hosting a small website. The box is locked down pretty tight (all SP's and hotfixs applied, IP filtering...
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    Poll: regarding your problem...

    Hi, Grey... It's possible that the file you were looking for is being called from a "hard coded" location within another app. In this case, you wouldn't find it in the registry and would need to...
  7. Thread: Hacker Ethics

    by SLhacker

    Confirmed Kill needs to check out this link... :D
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