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  1. NGAV (next gen antivirus) vs Traditional AV w/ heuristic scanning

    I hear that NGAV (behavior based) is better than traditional AV (definition based). However many traditional AV also use heuristic scanning (behavior based). My question is, if both offer behavior...
  2. is it ok to disable TLS 1.0/1.1 at web server level and not CDN?

    I need to disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1 for my company's websites. At the moment we are unable to disable this at the CDN level (needs some extra changes that we are not ready to implement yet).

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    How do CWE's get scored?

    Do CWE's use CVSS?
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    OWASP's ASVS - Is it only for web apps?

    Is ASVS only for web apps? Can it be applied to desktop applications as well? I understand not all controls will apply to desktop but can it still be used?
  5. ok thank you, I will have to figure this out.

    ok thank you, I will have to figure this out.
  6. Has anyone heard of (bad site?)

    I installed a piece of software and then it directed me to a site (ip My system flagged the site as malicious. Just wondering if anyone has seen this site before...
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