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Thread: FreeBSD problems

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    FreeBSD problems

    I am currently having problems with my fbsd install. right now i ave it installed and running command,but I cant seem to get xwindows running.furthermore, I cant seem to mount my harddrive. Ive been all over the place and cant seem to figure it out, and posting is sort of hte last thing i can think of. when i try to install xwindows...(i use the cd and set the bios to boot the cd first) it says its unpacking some .tgz file and then just sits there.It cant be the drive cause ive switched out the drives.and when i try 'startx' or 'initx' it just says commadn unknown or somehting to that effect.all help is greatly appreciated...

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    i have a solution for installing Xwindows,

    boot up you instalation, login as usaul and make sure your cd is in the drive. then type /stand/sysinstall and it will bring up the menu where you can configure and install software such as xwindows, and another thing you may be able to bring up xwindows by just typing 'X' or 'x' or 'startX' or 'startx'after you have configured for your graphics card and monitor etc....
    You can configure xwindows by typing 'XFree86Setup'.

    I hope this helps.

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