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Thread: Net Bios

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    Question Net Bios

    Anyone know of a website or tutorial or what not that explains the workings of windows net bios. What it does exactly and how it works? In depth or not, anything will help.


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    Netbios a.k.a. port 139 a.k.a. file sharing port

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    Originally posted by limp1058
    Netbios a.k.a. port 139 a.k.a. file sharing port
    Port 139? I thought it used 137/138?
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    It uses 137 TCP/UDP, 138 UDP, and 139 TCP.
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    netbios-ns 137/tcp NETBIOS Name Service
    netbios-ns 137/udp NETBIOS Name Service
    netbios-dgm 138/tcp NETBIOS Datagram Service
    netbios-dgm 138/udp NETBIOS Datagram Service
    netbios-ssn 139/tcp NETBIOS Session Service
    netbios-ssn 139/udp NETBIOS Session Service

    NetBios Names are the names of Microsoft machines. They contain 16 characters: 15 alfanumeric ones, and one special character to assign functionality. There are 3 possibilities for Name Resolution for NetBios Names: broadcasts, LMhosts files or WINS server (depends on type of node). Node selecting is done in registry.

    Node types:

    b-node broadcast mode (broadcast)
    p-node point-to-point mode (WINS server)
    m-node mixed mode (broadcast, then WINS)
    h-node hybrid mode (WINS, then broadcast)

    NetBios Lookup:

    1. NetBios Name Cache --> 2. NetBios Name Server --> 3. Broadcast --> 4. LMhosts file --> 5. Hosts file --> 6. DNS Server.

    NetBEUI (NetBios Extended User Interface):

    Nodes don't have a logical adress, NetBios names are used instead. This protocol is NOT routable! No logical adress means broadcasts must be used all the time --> creates an enormous ammount of broadcasts --> this sucks!
    The only advantage: it's soooo easy to use.

    You can install the NetBeui protocol when you want to enable file-and-print sharing --> you don't bind TCP/IP with File And Print Sharing, but instead you bind NetBeui to it...

    Hope this helped you out...

  6. #6, use their directory search, their plain search is cool too. 99.9% of the time, you'll find what you want there.

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    Question Raditz

    You're really big on this google thing, aren't ya?

    Google is the answer to all our problems!

    Not really, that position is taken by Duct Tape!
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    port 139 is for netbios u can hack any system whose netbios file sharing is unable and who is sharing his HD u can upload backdoor in the victim system and u can run it and after that u can use ur trojan to get connected but to prevent urself simple install firewalls , basically the problem i have mentioned here is with WIN NT users if im not mistaking. There is something abt LMHost file ( as mentioned by Negative) u have to alter it ur using win NT , u have to enter the IP and the directory which he/she is shraing and then u can browse the victim like u browse ur explorer

    I will post detail ( my own ) in new thred.

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    Ok, KakoKool, you only one thing in mind, being displeasant, aren't you ?

    Someone asks details on a particular protocol, and you come back "Yeah, you can HaXoR this l4m3r ..."

    If only you posted something really useful ... but no!


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    Re: Net Bios


    You may have a look to this :

    I read it, it's quite interesting. Don't forget you can also have a look at the RFC covering this!


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