Excuse me Sir,

but sending a reply mail including the newly registereds account and password in clear text is a bit laughable when it comes to a site concerning security don't you think?


Well, users always have the option to change that password via our website at any time. Although, that would be sent in clear-text as well. The only solution, really, would be to SSL-enable our entire site. I don't see that happening any time in the near future. Oh well, you'll just have to live life on the wild side for now....

From: "daryl miller"
To: webmaster@antionline.com
Subject: slots

Hi there, its dad.Thank you for having me . I cant find anything inb your list on slot machines and I would like to know exactly how they are hacked by a small light on a piece of wire up the coin shute when there is nothing visible up there to affect it.Maybe somewone there can help Well so long for now, regards...

dad from down

First off, I have to wonder what kind of man goes around calling himself "dad". Secondly, I've never shoved a wire up a "coin shute", so I couldn't tell you what effects that might have on you or for you.


Hi. I have a question to ask you... What's your take on BlackICE Defender and ZoneAlarm Pro? I'm interested in getting a personal firewall for my machine, and I've been debating on these two. I guess what I'm really trying to say is, which one would you recommend? I know they're both pretty good software firewalls, but I just can't really decide on which is better for me as far as security goes. So I figured I'd ask a security expert like you about them. Thanks in advance.

P.S. Excellent site.
- Chris Ulman

Personally, I'm a BIG fan of BlackICE Defender. Although, a lot of people are cheap, and want security without spending any money. If you fall in that column, the freeware version of ZoneAlarm is always an option.

HI, My name is osmin valdivieso, I really have a probem, I need to know something about my girfriend, to do this I need to open her e -mail acount, i don´t know how to do it, I am an ass, please I would like to get some help to to this.

osmin valdivieso

Well Osim, you're right about one thing, you are an ass. Why not ask her what you need to know? Don't you have a loving relationship based on a foundation of good communication? Regardless, I can't help you with this one. However, I might know someone that can: http://www.mscleo.com/

I had been to antionline site.I have registered my
self,I have a problem access the site bcoz it always
aks to register before using anything even though I
give my userid and password.Other problem I have is i
not able to understand anything.I want some tips and
tricks about hacking.I will be very pleased if you
reply me let me know how i will get the tip of hacking
on anionline.I want the complete procedure with some
examples of so that I can hack a site which you
suggest after a training or knowledge of hacking.
Please reply me on my mail about the site and
information where i will get to know about hacking.
As soon as possible.

-murtuza shabbir

Once again, someone that has it part right "Other problem I have is i
not able to understand anything." Don't worry murtuza, I know of a place where you can get help too: http://www.abcdefg.com/

To: jp@antionline.com
From: "ferdian"

i want to know more about security in any OS so would you help me

How many more years before I get to retire? Let's see, I'm 22 now......