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Thread: Chat status error

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    Chat status error

    Iam having the same problem that Info_Au
    was have awhile ago with the irc status

    Users Currently In #AntiOnline

    Warning: php_hostconnect: connect failed in c:\apache\htdocs\status.php on line 7

    Warning: fopen("","r") - Bad file descriptor in c:\apache\htdocs\status.php on line 7

    Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid File-Handle resource in c:\apache\htdocs\status.php on line 7

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    I'm also getting a weird error when attempting to connect via mIRC. It seems to cause my Xircom NIC to stop. Haven't figured out what is happening exactly but right now I cannot connect to IRC as a result, whether by Web or by IRC.


    PS. I am going to look for other chat programs to ensure that mIRC is not the problem.

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    I don't really know much, but I think it has to do with the fact that antibot is down.

    JP uses antibot to do the status screen of the room, as well as all the stats like, who said the most words, and that kinda stuff.

    So no antibot, no status, no stats, and no Ops unless an op is on.

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    its nice to see that others were having problems connecting to the chat room i thought my system was on the frizt again its not nice that the chat room is having problems
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    Greetings All:

    Well, I spent several hours over the weekend fixing the IRC setup. Everything is on a larger server now, and well tweaked, so you shouldn't notice any more problems.

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