Im saddened by the events of Sept 11, 2001 <911>, shocked, angry, and I want those responsible to pay. What is sickening me even more are our own country<people> sliding into greed on a fast track by inflating prices, sending SPAM dontation mailings and in general, being the ultimate asses. I hope Antionline can help put a stop to this disgusting display of greed and corruption. Now more than ever we need to take a stand and not give in to hate but to embrace pride in our country. I think we were all getting apathetic and taking for granted our freedom and rights. We need a good dose of patriotism and a dose of reality that we might not be perfect but we sure are a great country to live in.

I wanted to stop in and say hi, Im honored to belong to Antionline, and I hope to make friends and learn from the best.

Peace to us all,