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    Welcome users.. You're here because you've been thought of as, or interested in being a writer for #Antionline's and o-Negative's I/O Magazine. An e-zine based on the gathering of technical information from people around the globe, who want to share it to help inform those in need.
    Hopefully this will serve as an information resource that can be shared with the novice and the elitist alike. We're planning on this being as a nicely written monthly zine with detailed, and informative articles. Possible financial incentive for articles excecptionally well written.

    Current department head positions:
    * = Position is avialable

    Editor in Cheif: JP ( )

    *Windows Security:

    *UNIX/Linux Security:

    Networking: Jon LoSasso ( )

    UNIX Programming Security: Jason Parker ( )

    *Security Hardware:

    If you, or anyone else would like to write for one of these positions, please submit your ORIGINAL, original being your work, not copied, not "words changes around", article to either Jon or myself (Jason) at our appropriate e-mail addresses. Thanks for your interest!

    We are mainly looking for writers. These writers will write about whatever they want to and send it in to the appropiate head of department. If you would like to be head of a department e-mail either of us three (JP, Jon, or Jason) about why you think you should head this up. The position mainly includes approving articles and or writing articles of your own if you feel no writers are doing a good job.

    Note to JP : Talk to jparker on irc when you get the chance he cant get a hold of you

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    As I told Parker, I'd be happy to help with some sort of Win98(95ish) Q/A column or somesuch. I'm not the kind of person to go out and make an article on my own, I have to be provoked somehow. (Not necessarily provoked in the bad sense, but I gotta be prodded by a question or by a strong opinion)
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