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Thread: Stop Sterotyping

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    Angry Stop Sterotyping

    Hi All,
    I would like to express all my condolences to all how lost relatives or friends in the attacks . in this mater I would like to talk about the stereotype in the American Media about Arabs and Muslims which is really a shame for a Democratic media like the American. The Media is playing a very bad game in encouraging the people to hate the Arabs and Muslims , I want to remember that Muslims are American citizens from centuries and they are part of the country and any thing harts the nations harts them, So we can say that if a member from a religion did a crime that all the religion members are terrorists. So when Tumati Macffy bombed Oklahoma City Building they never said that he is part of extreme Christian group. And we should not say that the Christians are responsible of that Act. In addition to that , we must as humans look at the crimes committed every day against Palestinians by the Zionists in Israel. And i think if we want to see who profited from what happened we can realize that Israel is that. because Israel needed an international Accidents to take the lights from what happening inside Palestine , and that what happened Israel now is killing Palestinians without any media lighting on what is happening. why donít we say that some Zionist extreme groups did those attacks in order to move the light and encourage international hate against Muslims and Arabs.
    So i advice all Liberal people believing in democracy not to stereotype any group of people, I want to remember you by what happened in 1941 when some Americans Stereotyped all American-Japanese citizens and attacked them , and killed some of them. while they were American Citizens and they were against what happened in the crime of Pearl Harbor.
    so to all people working in media , try to use the media in a true way and be careful how to use words in a responsible way which is not stereotyping any one .

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    Cross reference to: what I said.
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