From: "frederick matthews"
Subject: My idea

Please contact me at uniqueal@*

Can you help find software programers that can create a hacker proof Operating sytem from scratch that hackers could never get in to and nevr efect with a virus ...linux is not far from that but it is far from easy to use and takes up to much hard drive space

Please contact me at uniqueal@* ...I'm at a friend's house right now

Wow, a hacker proof Operating system, what a great idea! I wonder why no one else has thought of that before? I'll get right to work!

From: georgeharris@*

Want to know Why?

Uhm, sure?

From: HypTrance@*

Has anyone thought of this?

Uhm, maybe george has?

Subject: Daily mailbag posts

Very sorry to see the posts on today's (09/11/2001) mailbag forum.
I really enjoy your site and find it very technically accurate and helpful.
I just felt I had to send you a note after reading the posts today to offer
you my condolences at the idiocy displayed there. Here's hoping for more
intelligence to rise to the fore of the mailbag

Sr. Web Programmer
DevSp Corporation

So far, no good....

From: "[RaFa]" rafa@*
To: ""
Subject: Islamic Republic Ministry 0wned


Now THERE'S something to be proud of! I bet the terrorists will be so worried about islamic websites being h4x0red, that they won't be able to sleep at night, and thus be too tired to attack us! **** for brains.....

Subject: WTC

Dear all

I would just like to take this opportunity to express my deepest sympathy to my American friends over the tragedy.

Also let us please not forget those of other nationalities that were also working or visiting during the attack and who lost their lives.

Peterob UK


I hope that this tragedy has not touched you. I'm writing because I think,
even though it's not germane to a computer security list, there's one more
thing we can urge Americans to do.

There is a group of Americans who emigrated here from the Middle East or
who practice Islam. These are people who came here to make a better life
for themselves and their children and to escape the insanity in the
countries of their birth. Some are people who were born here and who've
lived here all their lives who happen to be Muslim. These people are now
being threatened by their fellow Americans because some ignorant
individuals seem to think that they must have taken part in or supported
the vile attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

We can reach out to our ethnic Arab and Muslim neighbors, visit them or
solicit their businesses, and let them know that we recognize they are part
of our community and we can turn away the bigots who try to tell them they
are not Americans.


Connie Elliott.