Hi everyone,
I am a middle aged guy from Tasmania , Australia and I have a bloody perplexing hacker problem.
It has been going on for 18 months or so and I have tried what I can to solve it but it is still happenning.
Just an overview, it started when I was becoming very close to a friend who had been through some awful events in her life who lives in the US.
We were getting towards romance.
She left for a trip to help out a friend and I was chatting on ICQ to a female friend of hers. I left for a few days away working and on my return I find that someone had been using my ICQ and having cybersex with the friend. Lots of personal stuff that I thought that only would be known between my lover and I. I was very naive at that time and did not think that hackers would bother me. Then all sorts of emails hit my lovers mail box inviting her to porn clubs and such in my name and disgusting letters from a couple of my email accounts. I changed passwords but theat made no difference.
Then a private message board was breached and some very nasty stuff put in in my name. The IP number was mine but I did not do it..
I took my computer pentium 120 - 64 mB RAM 6 GB hard drive (C, D & E drives) windows 95 OS to a computer shop and they installed VET anti Virus (now part of Computer Associates Group) and it found something called pretty park worm and supposedly removed it. I also dowloaded Zone Alarm firewall and later upgraded it to Zone Alarm pro. I religously update and run the full checks for viruses. Still problems happenned. Many of my emails did not hit my lovers inbox and hers did not come to me. She started getting nasty messages supposedly from other people on my ICQ contact list. They all denied sending the messages. Other weird things happened like anything I typed to my lover appeared to her in what looked to her as arabic. I checked my ICQ settings and all were normal. I searched and bought a trojan tracker called Doorguard 2 by a company called Astonsoft. That found heaps of files with prettypark worm and after a week they were all deleted. Now I check all my drives and they are supposedly clear of trojans and viruses. But now every email I send is cc to my lover. I have 3 accounts, AOL (my ISP) netscape and excite. They are all compromised and anytime I change a password it is sent to my lover.
This is driving me nuts, making my lover feel suspicious of me and is not helping my hopes for the future.

Can any of you experts give me advice on how to rid my computer of the trojan or what ever is there, are the security devices I have worthwhile.

I would be very grateful to have someone who is proficient with computers and hacker methods to rid me of this menace.