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Thread: Phone call rerouting ?

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    Question Phone call rerouting ?

    Hi there !

    I have a question regarding the possibility of rerouting phone calls.
    A while ago, phone calls made to the UK showed up on my tel. account - numbers i don't know. The telecoms company alleged that the phone calls were made from a computer or fax machine. Upon dialling the number from HyperTerminal, i was connected to a computer which gave me the msg : "Welcome to 3Com Total Control HiPer ARC(TM)" - what on earth is a ARC ?
    Additionally the telecom company alleges that by selecting certain links on the Internet, my phone call was rerouted to this international number - is this possible ?

    Thank you for any help ?

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    Post Here's what little help I can offer:

    I'm not an expert on this or anything, but it could be possible to reroute a phone call (or at least I think it is). I know of several programs that, when run, automatically dial a phone number; that could be what happenned. And I guess if they had a program similar to that imbedded in a website, the same could be possible. I'll let you know if I find out anything additional.

    Good Luck!
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    To expand on the previous post. Yes, your call can be rerouted.
    But, there are certain circumstances that would have to be there for this to be allowed. First off, if your carrier tone was never dropped during the call, and it's "rerouted" it called being 'transferred'. This will now show up on your telephone bill. This is because the party that you connected to chose to reroute your call, placing you in touch with the 3rd party.. like this..

    A ---> B ..this is your original call..
    A ---> B ---> C ..This is your transferred call.

    Your phone company still sees your uninterrupted call to carrier B, because it acts as a middleman between you and C.

    Now, on the other hand, if your carrier was dropped, and another call placed because you clicked on some link that embeded a small program that redialed your modem, then yes, it is possible that you made those calls without knowing. This commonly happends on porn sites. Since I'm a cable modem user, I don't have a modem in my system so I get to watch these little dialers crash as they can't find my modem.
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    One piece of advice

    Don't use a analog modem
    I don't mean to direspect annyone, but after years of working in the telecom sector and configuring manny PABX' that's my only piece of advice. A dialup connection is too expensive, too traceble, too abusable, ... etc


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    accualy... why dose the number have to be used from another location.. causing it to be "transfered"... In any case, it is extreamly possible that a phreak had just run down the tips and rings on a CAN and had used your number to make the calls... thats a scetchy theroy, because i suppose its semi- internet related.. Even so... s/he could have had a laptop, and used a phoneline to telnet to some server for free?....i dont know....i dont know....

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