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    Talking Outlook

    Am I the only one that wants to write a VBS virus for outlook that replaces the host program with something "secure"? Just a simple thought...

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    Maybe its just as simple as to send them something like this attachment...
    Sorry to all who check it out but back in the old forum somebody mentioned to write some code in notepad and then rename file to a vbs file...just write in whatever you want to display on somebody's screen..

    So somebody else said to just remove Wscript.exe and Csrcipt.exe and so now i cant open this file to read what it say's..
    But also i have not been caught out by any vbs virii.
    This file just says something about being a dumbass for opening files from strangers or something like that??

    * Attachment is not a virus..
    Is a vbs file thou!!
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    Here's a suggestion... I've moved Format, Deltree, and a few other nefarious commands into a subfolder with a non-standard name of c:\windows\command\, so bad batch files can't do much...

    Can't you do a similar thing with the VBS scripting files? So long as they aren't in a normal area or in a directory that is included in a path= statement...
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